Travel and Hospitality Integration Software and Services

We connect Airlines, Hotels and OTAs to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), CRSs, Anti-Fraud and Payment Service Providers (PSPs).
Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration
One Payment Hub - Many Deployment Options
- In Our SaaS Environment
- On your Airline/Hotel Network
- At your CRS
- At your PSP

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Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration
One Payment Hub - Many Connection Options
- Multiple GDSs
- Multiple CRSs
- Multiple PSPs and Alternative Payment Providers
- With Routing based on ANY data element

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Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration
One Payment Hub - No Coding
- SPO includes the GDS/CRS Interfaces
- SPO includes the PSP Interfaces
- SPO includes the Alternative payment Providers
- We build any additional interfaces that are needed

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Sourcespeed Integration System
One Integration Hub - Multiple Internal Uses
- Pulls frorm GDS, Loyalty, Web and other data
- Output to Anti Fraud systems
- Output to Data Warehouses
- Updates to GDS, PSP, and others

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About Sourcespeed

Sourcespeed is a fast-growing provider of licensed integration products, cloud services and custom software and licensed products to the travel and hospitality industry. Having deployed our solutions at 6 airlines and on multiple GDSs, we have a broad overview of the needs and challenges of the travel industry.

At Sourcespeed, we believe in the power of Integration Hubs to greatly speed integration projects, create opportunities for additional value from data, and increase flexibility for our customers. WIth an integration hub such as our Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration (SPO) or Sourcespeed Integration System (SIS), our customers have the ability to switch between GDSs, PSPs and other service providers and to add additional providers when it provides them with increased customer satisfaction or market expansion.

Our technology is built to provide the optimal balance of usability, performance, lack of vulnerability, and the lowest cost. Sourcespeed specializes in enterprise web applications leveraging open standards and best practices. The basis of our integration solutions is our Velocity integration engine which is the only Integration Hub specifically designed and optimized for the Airline and Travel Industry

Read our latest travel industry research: Download our white paper on extracting value from your GDS data using a GDS Integration Hub.


Sourcespeed creates high-performance integration products that connect Airlines, Hotels and OTAs to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Booking Platforms, Anti-fraud systems and Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

Sourcespeed Integration System

A multi-point integration system working between GDS interfaces, Web Sites, Frequent Flyer systems, Anti-Fraud Systems, Data Warehouses and Payment Service providers. SIS currently provides anti-fraud integration for 3 major airlines.

Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration

Designed to link GDS payment channels and Booking Platforms to Payment Service Providers. SPO uses the native interfaces of the source and destiation systems and provides all routing, translation and orchestration functions - including delayed capture. SPO also includes stand-alone payment capture UI for adding ancillary purchase paths to existing sites.

Sourcespeed Booking Integration

SBI is designed to provide all the functionality of a Booking Platform to run your reservations site with your current GDS or simply adding Mobile capabilities to your existing infrastructure. Velocity also contains its own reservations engine for running your travel business without the high investment of buying one of the large Reservations Systems.


Sourcespeed connects Airlines, Hotels and OTAs to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Booking Platforms, Anti-fraud systems and Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

GDS Integration Services

Use our expertise and Proprietary GDS Integration Engine to solve your most complex integration tasks.

Travel Payment Systems Integration

Point solutions for adding new payment service providers or alternative payment methods to your travel business.

Anti-Fraud Systems Integration

Airlines, Hotels, Train Systems another travel companies are a frequent target for credit card fraud. Luckily, using the rich data available from reservations, website and loyalty data provides the ability to more accurately detect and eliminate fraud.

Cloud Services

Sourcespeed connects Airlines, Hotels and OTAs to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Booking Platforms, Anti-fraud systems and Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

Sourcespeed Payment Gateway

Incorporating our Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration product, and deployed in a high-availability infrastructure at a major US cloud provider, the SPG makes it easy to link your airline to the major Payment Service Providers -seamlessly- in a direct integration to your GDS or Booking Engine. The SPG also incorporates a customizable UI for ancillary product payment capture. The SPG includes the ability to use your choice of anti-fraud system.


Airline Implementations


Anti-Fraud Implementations


Transactions Processed


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American Airlines uses SIS for Anti-fraud integration

COPA uses SIS for Anti-Fraud integration and our Payment Orchestration product for Ancillary purchases

Hawaiian Airlines uses SIS for Anti-fraud integration

US Airways uses SIS for Anti-fraud integration and other data feeds

2Checkout uses SIS for Anti-fraud integration

Ingenico uses Sourcespeed technology in payment routing

Eos used Sourcespeed to build its booking web site, frequent flyer program and agency sites using VelocityTM

Skybus used Sourcespeed to build its full function booking web site

XOJET used Sourcespeed to rebuild their corporate web site

FltAdvisor used Sourcespeed to build their website, integrate their prediction engine and implement subscription payment processing

Triple5 Soul used Sourcespeed to build their US web presence into a cool, innovative design and implement a CMS platform

Lancaster General Health used Sourcespeed to build their new interactive site and implement on a new CMS platform

LeisureLogix used Sourcespeed's technology assessment consulting to review their product development plans and evaluate thier outsource partner's development capabilities

NTHP used Sourcespeed to re-design their online presence and help strategize their program to increase member involvement

PDSG used Sourcespeed to supply core integration technologies to automate the connections between systems and provide an easy to implement connector framework


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Sourcespeed Overview

Learn more about Sourcespeed and the range of products and services that we provide.


Sourcespeed Travel IT Services

Sourcespeed provides a wide range of services to the travel industry, including booking site build, integration, consulting, and more.


Sourcespeed Velocity

Sourcespeed’s Velocity™ platform enables simultaneous access to multiple GDSs, as well as an internal booking engine to allow ultimate flexibility in travel booking and data integration.


Sourcespeed Velocity Mobile

Sourcespeed’s Velocity™ extends your booking site to mobile devices with no restrictions on functionality or content.


Sourcespeed Integration System Overview for Travel Providers

Velocity Integration forms the core of the Sourcespeed Integration System (SIS) for Airlines and Travel Providers.


Sourcespeed Sabre Services

Sourcespeed’s Sabre® solutions give you the power to maximize revenue by fully customizing your Sabre®-based reservations site.


Sourcespeed Navitaire New Skies Services

Open new options for your airline with Sourcespeed and New Skies.


Sourcespeed Velocity Airline Solutions

Sourcespeed's Velocity integration Engine, deployed as part of the Sourcespeed Integration System, provides high volume processing of PNR and e-Ticket data to enable airline anti-fraud, revenue recognition, data analysis, and GDS uploads.


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