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Sourcespeed Integration System (SIS)

-A multi-point integration system working between GDS interfaces, Web Sites, Frequent Flyer systems, Anti-Fraud Systems, Data Warehouses and Payment Service providers. SIS currently provides anti-fraud integration for 3 major airlines.
Velocity Integration Hub forms the core of the Sourcespeed Integration System (SIS) for Airlines

Airlines are faced with a unique challenge when it comes to data: Most of their crucial data exists in a system that they do not own - the Global Distribution System, or GDS that they selected to manage their Reservations and Ticketing. Their data will exist in a partition within that GDS, but the data will not reside within their own data centers.

While this creates great efficiencies for selling tickets through agencies and consolidators, and enables code-sharing between airlines, it is a challenge for those within the airline that need access that data for analysis, transaction-related processes, and providing data-dependent services such as notifications.

Another challenge facing the airline is the nature of this data - it is built from a combination of structured and unstructured data. Due to the restrictive nature of the PNR, much of the critical information must be stored in remarks and comments - both of which are unstructured.

What airlines need is a proven, high performance Integration Hub and supporting software that can pull the data from the GDS, rapidly parse out the unstructured data and re-build the data using a hierarchical schema, then route the data based on rules for the systems that need that data. Among those destinations for the now structured data are:

  • Anti-Fraud Analysis Systems
  • Customer Notification Systems
  • Data Warehouses
  • And Others

Ideally, the same system will be able to act directly on the GDS, using the GDS's command syntax, to update, add to, or cancel the PNRs and Tickets, and to manage processes within the GDS using the GDS Queues.

Finally, the system should be able to combine the GDS data with data from other systems to create a richer data set to be used by those downstream systems and to add criteria to use on the rules that route the data within the integration system. The systems that can contribure to the rich data set include:

  • Airline Web Site
  • Airline Frequent Traveler System
  • Passenger Profile Systems

At Sourcespeed, we have built a system that can manage all of these tasks, in a lightweight package that requires only modest server hardware. The Sourcespeed Integrations System (SIS) using the Velocity Integration Hub is that system. It not only satisfies all of the requirements of the ideal GDS integration system, but it can do it for any GDS that your airline uses, Sabre, SHARES, Galileo, Abacus, Navitaire, Amadeus, etc.

The following diagram provides the highest level representation of the typical SIS with Velocity Integration Hub implementation.

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For more information on the Sourcespeed Integration System, download our white paper

Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration

Designed to link GDS payment channels and Booking Platforms to Payment Service Providers. SPO uses the native interfaces of the source and destiation systems and provides all routing, translation and orchestration functions - including delayed capture. SPO also includes stand-alone payment capture UI for adding ancillary purchase paths to existing sites.

Choices in routing travel and hospitality payments to your chosen payment methods are limited. For each new payment method comes the decision to custom build a connection to the new payment processor (or contract to have one built), or see if one of your existing PSPs can add that method to your account, and charge the fees connected with those transactions.

What if there were an independent provider who provided a system with the interfaces built in? A system that allows you to route some transactions from your GDS and others through your own stand-alone payment capture page?

The Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration system provides all of those benefits, along with all of the technical and security features that your IT and Audit departments demand.

Among the functions available to from the SPO are:

  • Transaction routing to multiple PSPs and Aquirers based on configurable rules such as merchant ID, currency, purchaser country, product (travel or ancillary), brand/sub-brand, etc.
  • Direct integration to GDSs (Sabre, Navitaire, SHARES, Amadeus, etc.)
  • Integration to PSPs (Ingenico-Ogone-Global Collect, Others on request)
  • Credit card capture UI for ancillaries
  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Delayed Settlement
  • Partial Settlement
  • Settlement File Processing - parsed and split to multiple PSPs/Aquirers
  • Fraud System Integration into settlement process including prevented capture, authorization reversals and refunds
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download more information on the Sourcespeed Payment Orchestration

Sourcespeed Booking Integration

SBI is designed to provide all the functionality of a Booking Platform to run your reservations site with your current GDS or simply adding Mobile capabilities to your existing infrastructure. Velocity also contains its own reservations engine for running your travel business without the high investment of buying one of the large Reservations Systems.

Reservations Integration Platforms – the future of travel reservations sites

Travel reservations sites are stuck in an inflexible, outdated paradigm. Airlines, hotels and consolidators approach the construction of their reservations sites as a choice of two inferior options: the GDS provided “canned” solution or a completely custom solution built by their IT staffs or by a large multi-market consulting organization.

Canned solutions, often sold by the GDSs, claim to be customizable, but in truth have minimal options such as colors, fonts and logo’s that can be changed within the booking path.

Custom, proprietary solutions provide for a great deal of customizability, but suffer from the issues of “reinventing the wheel”, such as higher costs, reliance on a core team and knowledge transfer to keep upgrade and modifications capability in-house.

While reservations sites continue to rely on these two approaches, the GDSs themselves have advanced their technology to enable the creation of an advanced, standardized platform that allow a site to integrate to any web-services enabled GDS or, if desired, multiple GDSs simultaneously.

Velocity™ – Leading the way into a new age of booking engine design

Sourcespeed has seen the future of reservations sites and has created the first Reservations Integration Platform. Our challenge was to combine high performance, advanced technology, simple customizability, and multi-GDS compatibility in an easy to implement platform. We succeeded with the 2008 release of Velocity™.

Our history in constructing reservations sites on various GDS back-ends illustrated the some basic needs that airlines, hotels and consolidators all share:

  • How do I change my booking flow quickly when research shows that the path is not optimal for purchase conversions?
  • How do I preserve the coding invested in my site if I need to change GDS platforms or upgrade to a major version change?
  • How do I easily add ecommerce opportunities within the booking path?
  • How do I access more than one GDS?
  • How do I take my web site mobile?

The answer is to separate the front end of the site, in which you’ve invested countless hours perfecting images, text, tracking code and other elements, from the GDS booking calls by using an integration platform that is optimized for booking engines.

Velocity™ by Sourcespeed was designed and built to provide this flexibility – to speed your initial site deployment, and to preserve your investment in your current web site.

A solid technology basis for an advanced reservations integration platform

Velocity™ by Sourcespeed is a multi-tier solution that can be hosted either in-house, externally or purchased in a software-as-a-service model from Sourcespeed. Developed on a new-generation platform for now and the future, Velocity™ is built upon a multi-layer plat form designed to promote reuse and provide easy extensibility. The platform architecture incorporates Java, J2EE, XML, ORM and other best of breed technology to deliver a robust integration platform. Velocity™ provides maximum flexibility, scalability and security.

Ease of integration is at the heart of Velocity’s™ design. The design is so robust that the same booking flow can be switched between GDSs in minutes with a simple server restart.

Velocity™ - Best Technology, Fastest Implementation, Most Flexibility

Velocity™ was designed to address the major issues of deploying a new booking site: development time, flexibility of flow, integration ease, multiple GDS provider options, and high performance. Using the most appropriate and advanced technologies and methods, Velocity™ brings these benefits to your site build, upgrade or GDS conversion.

The strength of the Velocity™ architecture includes:

  • Webflow enables highly customizable flows using service abstraction and/or implementations to update the model elements.
  • Advanced presentation layer uses highly decoupled, standalone screens and routes actions through Webflow.
  • A UI Annotated Model allowing the easy addition of screen functionality such as selects, action handlers, and variables.
  • Multilayer service abstraction and implementation for accessing basic (generic) and more advanced GDS functionality
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Third-party integration options give your site more potential.

Velocity™ by Sourcespeed inherently supports third party integration to increase your revenue opportunities: Trip insurance, car rentals, car rental CDW coverage and other third party products can all be placed within your booking path, where you will greatly increase your conversion rates for those products and enjoy the high margins they bring. Our team can work with your vendors or even recommend products that work well in the booking path.

Integration to your customer information database, loyalty program, promotion and advertising databases or servers are also simplified within the booking path by using the Velocity™ implementation, allowing your site to have industry-leading levels of functionality.

download more information on the Sourcespeed Booking Integration