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GDS Integration

Global Distribution System (GDS) Integration Services

Global Distribution Systems provide the majority of the reservations and ticketing transactions for the Airline and Hotel industries. Sometimes known as Automated Reservations Systems (ARS) or Computerized Reservations Systems (CRS), the majority of these systems traces their history back to the original Sabre reservations platform created by American Airlines and IBM which entered service in the early 1960s. Because of the limitations of the systems of that era, the format and structure of the information in the Passenger Name Records (PNRs) was not ideal, with much of the information being stored in unstructured remarks and instruction fields. 

50 years later, the largest GDSs (Sabre, SHARES, Amadeus, Galileo, Abacus, etc.) are still restricted by these same structural restrictions. The reason for this is that to facilitate code sharing, training of travel agents on multiple systems, and systems that were spun-off from other systems, these systems all shares their roots in Sabre. this creates the major challenge in modern airline commercial operations: how to pull this unstructured data (along with the structured data) out of the GDS and into systems where they can be manipulated, processed, analyzed, and updated, without paying the GDS for every update to the record. And once those outside processes have been completed, how to update the PNR in the GDS to keep it in sync with the new systems.

This is where GDS Integration comes in. A proper GDS integrator can pull the unstructured and structured data from the GDS, parse and interpret it based on the way each airline uses those unstructured sections of the PNR (and the more structured Ticket data as well), and then process that data based on complex rule sets. A good integrator will also "speak the language" of the GDS, so that it can enter the system as an agent would, to read and update PNRs, place them or remove them from Queues, read and update tickets, etc. The integrator will also bring together the GDS data with data from the website, data from the Frequent Flyer system, and other internal and external data available to the airline. These integration services can support the airlines Web Site, Data Warehouses, Anti-Fraud services, and more.

At Sourcespeed, we have years of experience and a proprietary, high-performance GDS Integration Engine Velocity, that allows us to create complex data extraction tasks, process automation, data warehouse population and more. Our tools allow us to quickly parse the free text from within PNRs to create real data. Our system can interact with the GDS as a user to move PNRs between queues based on rules, add comments, add or remove itinerary data or ticket data, cancel PNRs, notify airline personnel or customers, and more.

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